A PS4 Display Solution for Costco

We built a custom pallet displayer to promote Sony’s PS4 hardware in Costco while maintaining merchandise security.

Working with both Sony and Costco to design and coordinate custom PS4 hardware bundles

To promote Sony PS4 hardware bundles in Costco’s massive warehouse environment, we worked closely with both Sony and Costco to design a pallet display that would meet Sony’s PS4 brand requirements as well as Costco’s display needs.

Our in-house design team created a pallet display that housed empty boxes to reduce shrinkage, but which looked like actual product. Actual product was held in a locked case to ensure security.

After confirming that the design met Costco’s needs and Sony’s requirements, we secured printing for the displayers that was on-budget and met the production schedule.

Our team then handled coordination and logistics that got the pallet displayers — as well as product — on the floor at each Costco club store.