Custom Bundle Solutions for Sony

We worked with Sony and our retail partners to create custom first-party hardware bundles that offer margin opportunities for retailers and value for retailers’ customers.

A partnership that has delivered substantial incremental business.

We began by meeting with Sony and our retail partners to define objectives for hardware bundles, product to be included, and pricing opportunities.

With a list of potential items in hand, our in-house design team and distribution coordinators began working to define the packaging that would be necessary to execute on the bundles. We built out preliminary designs and assessed pricing, then went to Sony to confirm brand approval.

Each retail partner reviewed the bundles, and we met with them to finalize marketing and merchandising plans. We then sourced printing, negotiated print pricing, and ensured that production remained on schedule in order to meet the target street date.

The result gave our retail partners margin opportunities with the bundled product, while the retailers’ customers received better value by purchasing bundled hardware.